An Electric Future: Choose Wisely

Texas has become a nation leader in the development and implementation of many sustainable energy sources such as wind energy. Municipalities like those present in forward-thinking cities such as Austin have become nearly completely reliant on these cleaner sources of energy that are paving the way of the future. However, the relative newness of the change still leaves many people with questions regarding the right way to choose their energy provider. The deregulation practices in the Texas energy market have given customers this freedom, making it important to understand how to best exercise their power to drive the direction of the market.

There are many companies that have developed in Texas such as ElectricityTexas who have dedicated themselves to providing customers with side by side comparisons of rates and records for energy companies throughout the state, along with texas electricity promotions. Such public information allows customers to stay informed much more easily. People can use websites such as these to search companies based on their area, the incentives that any given company can offer, their renewables content, or the length of the contract.

Customers have plenty of good companies to choose from as well. The competition has served to drive down rates and encourage more transparent business practices. Among the top providers now serving Texas residents are Texas Power, Stream Energy, and TXU energy. TXU Energy has proven to be popular based on their commitment to using green resources as a mixture in the energy that they provide in addition to developing multiple incentives that are exclusive to customers using their services. Such deals and special offers include free electricity throughout the night-time hours. They also offer new customers outstanding deals on smart thermostats that are geared towards saving them money on their monthly bills.

Texas Power is able to maintain its appeal through the packages they offer to customers that are tailored towards individualized and specific issues. For instance, people signing up with them can choose the Pure 12 plan. This package guarantees that all energy coming into the home is from 100 percent green sources. By developing a way to ensure that one only receives power from solar and wind technology, they have made the ecologically aware are the target audience. People concerned only with the bottom line of pricing can take advantage of the 12 Month Term plan. This contract locks in your energy rates for one full year. The price that you pay when you sign up is the same one you will pay for 12 months regardless of market fluctuations.

Looking at individual companies and understanding the direction of the energy market as a whole in Texas allows people to see some of the advantages that have come through deregulation. The customers, the environment, and the energy companies are coming out on top in most instances when people exercise their right to choose providers who are operating in responsible ways.

Which Renewable Home Energy System Is Right For You?

If you are one of many home owners who is currently considering the option of converting your home to use some form of renewable energy, then you might be wondering exactly which type of renewable energy is the right choice for you and your family. After all, there is no universal solution, as many factors can influence what kind of energy would work best and be best to implement at your home. For this reason, there are some considerations that you should keep in mind when looking for the best renewable energy solution for you.

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How Students Are Contributing To Nuclear Energy Research

Today’s students will solve the energy problems of tomorrow. Students pursuing degrees in engineering and environmental studies are contributing to the field of nuclear energy research. One important aspect of nuclear energy research is safety. After major disasters such as in Chernobyl, USSR and Fukushima, Japan, students are seeking ways of producing nuclear energy in a safe way. The truth is nuclear power plants are very dangerous in case of failure.

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What’s New In The Development Of Fossil Energy Resources

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Recent Developments In Texas Regarding Carbon Capture And Utilization

The U.S. Energy Department announced the successful capture of carbon dioxide from industrial facilities in Port Arthur, Texas. The carbon captured can be used to recover oil in drilling operations. What this means is that carbon dioxide can be safely stored in underground facilities and used later in other operations to enhance energy recovery.

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Steam Reforming Of Methane Leads To Breakthrough Energy Project

Steam reforming is a process by which steam reacts with fossil fuels to produce hydrogen. Most of the hydrogen used in industry is produced this way. Since hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, it holds the promise of an inexhaustible source of energy. Unfortunately, steam reforming produces large quantities of carbon dioxide, which is what led the Obama administration to cut back severely on its funding for hydrogen fuel-cell development.

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